How to make hotfixes with minimal disruption to engineering flow

Something I hear quite frequently from my engineering team is that they can’t release a hotfix easily mid-sprint because it would be hard to separate out all the other changes that have been made on the development branch since the last release from the hotfix change. Any advice on how best to manage this?


Your teams should look into tagging releases off of their main branch. This will enable someone to create a branch of the tag/main submit a commit into the main branch through a pull request and then have it merged into development.


I would only add that anything that is longer lived should be split into tasks that can be shipped as part of your sprint with the liberal use of feature flagging. Helps ease integration problems around long-running branches and makes progress easier to track. With those practices, hotfixes should be trivial to ship.


In addition to that approach, I recommend the Git Flow model. Keeping longer lived work out the mainline is also very useful.

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