How to learn more about technical product management?


Tl;dr- Need help/resources to upgrade my technical/development knowledge

Been a Product Manager for some time now. My daily proceedings involve dealing with Tech/Design/Growth teams to get things done.

Being an electrical engineering graduate, I’ve never studied Software Development in detail and ever since I’ve started working, I’ve learnt basic terminologies and their usage, on the go.

But I honestly feel that I need to become stronger technically to have a proper discussion with Tech and not getting undermined by the Tech team coz of my inability to understand the nomenclatures they use or the deeper technical understandings.

Please do help me out with resources/online courses/lectures that’ll help me upgrade my software development knowledge to the extent that I can have a proper technical discussion with my team.


Do these things:

  1. Take CS50 Intro to CS on edX
  2. Datacamp tutorials on Python/R and especially SQL
  3. PM course at (teaches some technical things, including difference between REST/SOAP etc)
  4. App Academy online (this is super long but if you’re dedicated it could be worth it)
  5. System design tutorials by Gaurav Sen on Youtube. Try looking at API docs from Stripe and RapidAPI
  6. Tutorials on AWS, MongoDB
  7. Explanations on DS/Algos on Interviewbit
  8. Check out Hackernoon for domain knowledge on things like machine learning, blockchain, etc
  9. Do a git and github tutorial to understand version control, etc.

This is honestly probably overkill but will definitely make you a technical PM. It’s time consuming, I am slowly making my way through these materials myself.


Udemy is an excellent resource for learning technical subjects. I believe that enrolling in a “Full Stack Web Development” course will provide you with a solid overview of the following:

  • Relational database management and how to query data

  • Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • API fundamentals

  • Version control (Git and Github)

  • Authentication, security, and hosting

A huge benefit of using a learning management system like Udemy, in my opinion, is that it provides a structured learning environment and they frequently have sales, allowing you to purchase courses for as little as $9.99 USD.

Youtube is also an excellent resource for anyone looking to acquire technical skills. A lot of the instructors on Udemy also have YouTube channels offering free content.

Technology documentation pages for official information and guides provided by the people who make it. For example, if you want specific documentation on AWS, you can check out AWS docs. Widely used technology will always have a documentation pages.

Final note, just remember that every engineering team’s technology stack is different, therefore it’s a good idea to figure out your team’s stack and software development infrastructure is before purchasing courses.

Thanks for the detailed and nuanced response. It seems like this community is steadily getting better and better.

I have started to learn about databases and have been amazed by the high-quality content available on YouTube. I am definitely gonna check out the Udemy course. $9.99 for those topics is a steal.

Your last point on the different tech stacks for different teams is spot on. Things do vary but some of the fundamentals (that you mentioned) are base-level knowledge that I should acquire.

Thank you!

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