How to get started with no-code tools?

I am keen on testing MVP of a Tinder like product.
I am thinking of going no-code to keep costs low and move faster. Would most likely be a web app. Can anyone guide me on how to get started?


Have you considered


I havent. Though someone has recommended it to me. Will check it out. Thanks!


Yes a frontend set-up using Webflow/Bubble along with Airtable should do the job - If the matching logic is not to complex


Would likewise point you towards

In case you’re good with expanding on top of a bookkeeping page, look at


I was planning to build a “Tinder for ski leases”, which I ended up just keeping on the web instead of an app: Hope you make it farther than I did!

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I used this guy a few years ago, not sure if he’s still doing his thing: Cloneder - Ionic Marketplace

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Another vote for! If you’ve never built a no-code app (or one at that level of complexity) they have some of the best onboarding I’ve ever seen.

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