How to build social media following for my startup

Hey guys,
I’ve been pushing hard to build a social media following to get my startup to take off. Am open to any recommendations that might help me boost my social media presence which may help my startup.
Thanks in advance.


At a startup enterprise, B2B company social (broadly) was critical. “Repetition builds reputation” and all that. The number of prospects who said, “I had to take the meeting and check you out - it seems like everyone is talking about you.”


We’re in the shopper sports space. Eventually, I gave it off to a powerhouse Instagram showcasing office. I’ve realized there is a huge load of science behind expanding your followership, procedure around content posts and hashtagging, utilizing DMs, and so forth I basically didn’t have hours (or abilities TBH) to spend on all of this. Uncertain whether you can offload this to a specialist at a sensible cost. However, that course is turning out better for me

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I have likewise discovered accomplishment with my past organization by recruiting secondary school understudies who had time + Twitter/IG hacks. Building an after on Twitter or IG is staggeringly tedious so propose remembering $ and picking one channel. For dating, I would envision IG may be a superior course.

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