How to build a growth model?

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I want to know how you approach building a growth model. Personally, I consider one of the main responsibilities of growth is to help align business and product strategies and a growth model is something that can be used from both sides.

Btw, here’s a step-by-step guide I found interesting -


Read through this. Very well written indeed!

I have seen this at SaaS cos I work with but I use a customer-led approach. ie. gather product-fit customer insight (I rely heavily on JTBD for this) and then operationalize it by identifying customer milestones and defining KPIs for those milestones.

I think the best part about a growth model is that it can help manage expectations from both ends. Say you include a forecasting feature, capping the predictions according to financial plans keeps forecasting within reachable levels. That gives budget visibility to product teams and provides a more clear vision of future usage metrics to business/financial teams. This becomes especially interesting in some of the business models we see today that rely heavily in discount coupons (e.g. delivery services and fintechs - at least in Latam).

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