How to achieve viral growth by sharing content?

Does anyone have experience creating viral growth loops by encouraging users to share content? Specifically, we are thinking of assessments/ evaluations within the app that produces interesting/funny results that users will share to other networks.

Would love to learn from the community on how you bootstrapped initial awareness/distribution.


I haven’t personally created a viral growth loop, but I have seen the following by StockX -

  • Users have a need to share that their sneaker is 100% authentic. A significant portion of them don’t remove the tag we put on their sneakers because they want everyone to know it’s real. so they buy a pair of sneakers, leave the tag on, other folks see the tag ask them what’s that about, learn about StockX, and then get their next pair again.
  • Users have a need to share the value of their items (or the value of items they aspire to own). so they (or the news media!) come to the site, screenshot product pages (which have price data in large fonts), share it to Twitter, FB, or their news programs, folks learn about StockX, come to the site, also screenshot prices, repeat.

the other things like the share button, the email CTA that’s like “be sure to tag #GotItOnStockX!”, etc. are so minor compared to these beautiful loops that ended up being a little long, but I didn’t just want to comment that.

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No experience building directly - and builds a bit on what’s mentioned above (and you may have already thought of this), but the first thing that came to mind for me was making the output of the quiz optimized for IG or Twitter sharing. Spotify’s yearly stats feature comes to mind for me - tons of shares direct to IG story because it looks nice, people associate it with their persona. In the context of Sightseek and the current state of the world, maybe this is something that’s - “places I’d rather be”. Or even a bingo board - cross off places you’ve already traveled to kind of thing. That format a bit earlier this year.

I have not witnessed first hand successes “from the inside” but am impressed with the incentives for sharing in the newsletters of

I have always wondered about the difference between how ViralLoops public promotional content may differ from execution reality. Lastly, I think Packy’s Not Boring Newsletter has some cool viral promo loops on it however I have no idea how successful it was.

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