How do you keep up with data infrastructure learning for PMs?

What are the top places folks in the community go to learn about new tools/technologies related to data infrastructure or tips on building out (and troubleshooting) your data analytics stacks?

I am working on an early stage data integration tool (no-code CDC integrations into Snowflake/Redshift) and looking to better understand what blogs, podcasts, or other “must listen/must read” content is out there that data-literate analytics/data engineers follow. For example…

Slack Channels



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I was looking for Slack channels related to DS so thank you for that. I follow and medium. I used to follow but they stopped.


A couple more to add:

  • Panoply’s blog is a good source of content about data warehousing (here’s a post doing a redshift/big query comparison)
  • Mode’s blog has some good data engineering content as well

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