How do you connect to your remote users for SaaS services?

For those of you that are remote from your users, SaaS type services, how do you go about handling user interviews and later gathering insights from betas? Do you keep it simple with Zoom calls and Google Forms or is there a service you all like (and why)?


And we have different levels of tracking on our platform so we can get different type of feedback on how people use our product


Zoom for all user interviews. We’ve been doing this for years now. It’s easy for users to access, and it can be recorded and later transcribed. Sometime, user interviews are done with just using Memo app on iPhone. In terms of tracking already validated solutions… we tend to diversify insight data: event tracking (using database, GA or Mixpanel); FullStory is used for capturing unique behaviors such as mouse movement and page scrolling. You can use any heat mapping analytics for this too. Lastly, surveys are used for direct or specific questions.


We’ve used dScout: to facilitate a lot of user interviews and qualitative research sessions. It’s been really effective for us.


On our Product team we do the following:

  • Pendo guide prompts users to schedule a call with us once they’ve reached a certain milestone
  • User is taken to Calendly to schedule the call. It uses my calendar currently as I’m the only PM in the US, and > 80% of our customers are in the US. As our global customer base expands we will have to look at this differently…
  • When the user schedules the call it includes a Google Meet link in the invite. We’re a G-Suite shop, so it’s an easy setup and most users are comfortable with Google products. Screensharing can be facilitated when needed. Calls are recorded with customer consent.
  • We use to transcribe the recordings.

We also run surveys for general insights, and targeted in-product surveys (using Pendo) for beta insights.


@NathanEndicott, how accurate is the transcription service? We were seeing issues with accuracy with


@FelipeRibeiro, We’re always evaluating voice-to-text because of what we do at our company and Google and Amazon’s services are quite reliable especially with languages other than English. If you can tap straight into their API I’d recommend it.


@MarcoSilva interesting. I hadn’t considered their services. Thanks for enlightening me. Sometimes we are so engrossed in the problems that we tend to overlook the simplest solutions available at our disposal right under our nose. Thanks once again.

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@Felipe, It’s accurate enough to get the gist of the conversation without needing to listen to a full hour-long recording. Far from perfect, though.