How are Udemy courses for Product Managers?

Having completed Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell’s “Become a Product Manager” course on Udemy, I’m considering enrolling in their “Get Hired as a Product Manager” follow-up course. Is it wise to pursue this course? Review required.

How is the Udemy course “Get Hired as a Product Manager”?


Are you currently in the interview phase? While I’m finishing the LinkedIn Learning course, I’ve already begun attempting to prepare for interviews. I have to admit that Diego Granados’s YouTube videos feel like such an invaluable resource. He contributes frequently on LinkedIn. He also designed a course, which I’ve already discussed on this channel, but I genuinely believe that this will alter everything once I begin interviewing. I’m not sure if you’re at this point yet, but I think this might help you get ready. The Product Interview Operating System Ace Your Interview


@AngieGoodwin, could you please include the name of the LinkedIn Learning course you are referring to? TIA


The name is same, “Becoming a Product Manager”. I believe that the content is probably similar to what the OP posted but on a different platform.


You aren’t going to gain much from it, but since Udemy courses are inexpensive and affordable, why not? You may go ahead!


In my personal capacity I can provide you with some information that might help you decide if the “Get Hired as a Product Manager” course is worth taking.

Based on the course description and reviews on Udemy, “Get Hired as a Product Manager” course aims to help you prepare for the product management job search by providing guidance on creating a strong resume, developing your personal brand, and navigating the interview process.

The course covers a range of topics, including job search strategies, networking, behavioral and case interview techniques, and negotiation skills. It also includes real-world examples and exercises to help you apply what you learn.

According to the reviews, the course has received high ratings from students who found it helpful in securing product management roles. However, some students have also noted that the course covers similar content to other job search and interview preparation resources available online.

In general, if you found the “Become a Product Manager” course helpful and want to continue your learning journey with the same instructors, then “Get Hired as a Product Manager” may be a good fit for you. However, it’s always a good idea to research and compare different job search and interview preparation resources before making a decision.


The greatest place for PMs to start, in my opinion, is with Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell’s “Become a Product Manager” course on Udemy. I still consider the subjects from that video series on a weekly basis because I work for one of the major tech businesses. Without it, I doubt I would be employed in the IT industry, yet it is essentially free.

The learning value compared to the price is absurd, but it may also rely on your preferred learning style because everyone learns differently. I advise any prospective associate or junior PMs to watch the series.


Phew! Thanks for the wonderful replies.

@AngieGoodwin, I’m preparing for the interviews too.

@RohitKumar, I’ve already completed that course, so just wanted your opinion on the next course. Is it worth taking up.

@AnushkaGarg, That was very nice of you to give such a detailed opinion. I think I’ll take the follow up course (Getting Hired as a PM) at Udemy.


Additionally, they shared their information on LinkedIn Learning. (wrapped differently).

In my opinion, it is good and well-organized, just like a decent YouTuber would be. The information is quite nice if you can get over their masculine confidence crisis compensation.


Oof, that’s a doozy. I took the course a few years ago and I didn’t notice anything like this myself, but I’m curious; would you be willing to explain what made you feel this way?


It’s great to hear that you have had a positive experience with their content on LinkedIn Learning. It’s also important to note that everyone has their own teaching and communication style, and it’s natural for some instructors to come across as more confident or assertive than others.

As long as the content is well-organized and provides valuable information, it can be worth learning from. However, it’s important to consider your personal preferences and learning style when choosing an instructor or course. If you feel uncomfortable or unable to connect with the instructor’s communication style, it may impact your ability to learn effectively.

Overall, it’s important to evaluate the content and teaching style of any course or instructor before making a decision. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and gather feedback from other students to get a better understanding of what the course offers and if it’s a good fit for you.


I would not suggest it.

Very theoretical, generic information. If your boss gives you a task after the course, you might be able to understand what he said and respond with a response that is full of keywords, but you won’t be able to complete the task, which is frustrating.

If you can find something more useful, I would choose that.

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@FelipeRibeiro, what are your go-to sources for actual information? Everything in PM looks to be wise advice from fortune cookies.

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That’s so true!

I searched for someone in the industry with a lot of experience and asked if he is capable to teach the practical bits of product management.

One thing I saw others do is following a book called “the lean product” and try to build their own product with the practices and tips that are doing in there. :rofl: