Hiring product coach on hourly basis

Hi, does anyone have any idea what the average cost of a product coach is for a junior PM? I’m considering hiring one for a 1 hour session per week.


@Ken Wiafe was very kind to share this with me earlier this week on Slack Coaches · Lenny's Private Community Resources

It says at the bottom that prices range $150-400 per hour


And it’s worth checking if your company will contribute as many have learning and education budgets.


aah I had completely forgotten about this doc, thank you @Angela! And yes, my company is paying for it.


I’m happy to talk through how to setup something like that and what you’d want to have in place for a junior PM. As someone who has managed and coached early-career PMs, I’ve found a bit more structure and sometimes hand-holding can go a long way. Feel free to DM me!

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I’ve been working with @Nathan over the past few months and it has been an amazing experience so far

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