Enough of grievances, let's share some celebration stories please

I know this may not belong to this category, still I did not find any other suitable category. So here’s my question:
What went right for you last quarter, last month, week, day? Tell me something good!
I love how supportive everyone is when PMs post their grievances but I want to hear some celebration stories. Especially when wins sometimes get drowned out by the next job to be done.

Let’s hear them, please!


Just finished launching a major new product I had been working on for a year. The launch went flawlessly and was very well received (several customers have been praising it publicly on different social media platforms)! It also lays the foundation for several new and exciting possibilities that I’m looking forward to. And best of all, I was able to do all this while still maintaining a great work life balance and spending quality time with my kid. For a PM, it doesn’t get much better than this! :slight_smile:


Woah. Those are PM goals right there! Congratulations to you and your team. May the wins keep flowing in your direction.

But seriously all while having work life balance? Did you just put your foot down when you had to? Teach me your ways :slight_smile:


Thanks you! I have been able to maintain a good wlb by focusing on the rocks in my life first before the sand. My rocks are my family, relationships, and myself. Everything else is sand - money, promotions, ratings, etc., and I don’t let these guide how I live my life. I’m okay to not be the highest rated PM in my company, or the first to be promoted, or earn the highest salary I can. It also helps that I have some years of experience in my area now and strong relationships with different teams. So, I can get things done far more quickly and efficiently compared to someone starting out.


I’m starting my first true PM role on Monday.

I’ve been working as a project manager / web lead on the side for a startup (and was a senior engineer in my day job) and was downsized in March. It took 2.5 months, but I found the perfect company and aced the tests, and I’m SO stoked to start as a true PM.


Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll kill it! Stay positive and stay diligent. It’s a pretty cool job when they let you get to it.


Broke the PM record for most one on one customer interviews in one quarter. The number of interviews wasn’t intentional but was a byproduct of the aggressive search for a shared need.


Finally got stakeholders to understand that design systems are about fulfillment and supply to make people’s jobs easier, not content strategy or building CMS components…


Wow! As someone watching a coworker attempt to do the same and fail daily even when presenting data - I didn’t know this was possible. Good job!


After a year and a half of work, we’re going to launch the product I’ve been working on next week. First time taking a product from (almost) 0 to 1, and I learned so much along the way. It will be the first product of its kind in the market (web3 adjacent), which is also pretty cool.

I showed the application to my partner a few weeks ago and they were like “Oh wow, it looks like a real thing!” Silly, but for a long time it really didn’t feel “real” if that makes sense. Felt good to hear.

And although the UX designer that I work with is being let go (not due to performance, just shifting business needs), I’ve been helping him spruce up his portfolio and I think he’s going to land a great new role and I’m proud of how he’s grown since we started working together.

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Started as the first product manager in my current company 1 year and a half ago (no previous experience)

Convinced an awesome product mentor with +15 years of XP to help me few months ago

Got promoted to a Product Lead role last month, working on 3 awesome products, and I’m hiring 2 new PMs to build a team !

The next challenge is to find balance between professional & personal life.