Does anyone here have any documentation/best practices on images in emails?

My marketer wants to use image links in her emails, and I trust their judgement from HTML/responsive best practices, but our designer (really brand/asset-creation) has only ever used PNGs. Looking for some reading on it to uplevel myself and the team.


I don’t think I understand the difference between image links and PNG’s. I think you could link to a PNG file. Do you mean embedded v/s link outs?
Anyways, I don’t have an answer though our team uses linked images. I imagine it helps with tracking and makes the email quicker to load.


I’ve got a good bit of experience being a go-between for Email Marketers and Eng/Design teams, but I’m not sure I understand the distinction that your team is taking about.

A common thing is “Do we code the button as HTML” v.s. making it a “JPG / PNG of a button”


Here’s a generic set of notes for hand-coded emails that you’re welcome to share. It calls out Design and Dev considerations separately

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Answer to a different question, but I found experimenting with email in Litmus’s cheap tier really educational.

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Thank you all for your advices.
@Karan, Yes I’m a newbie at this, but am learning things pretty fast.
@Priya, I think you’ve got it right, we’re trying to add a button in our mailer which would take the user to our site.
@Juan, That was really helpful and we’re figuring out, how we could utilize this resource.
@Ahmad, Thanks.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you once again.

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