Documenting Go-To-Market strategy

I am soon to embark on drafting our first “Expansion playbook” for our go to market strategy. I’m thinking the first template format will be in google sheets with a tab for every department that captures Pre-launch/Launch/Post launch tasks. Does anyone have a better template or way of documenting go to market strategies/geo roll out strategies? (we are a two sided marketplace app like uber/airbnb)


Sounds like the right tool for the job! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That could work! We use our internal task management (ClickUp) system for playbooks coupled with our internal wiki system (Notion).
There’s a “project template” on ClickUp which creates a set of tasks for every team. So whenever we have need to run a playbook, we duplicate that ClickUp template and then assign tasks to the right people on the new team.
Notion is used for in-depth explanations of process around things and sometimes linked from the templated ClickUp tasks.


Awesome! we use notion too, will definitely couple some sort of task management tool with that.

Hi @Natasha
Just embarked on my geo-city expansion playbook for our marketplace startup (two-sided) Shouter. We are searching for the best template too, but our Notion is beginning to look packed and Gsheets are definitely helping us organizing minimum thresholds needed before looking at new cities. Will let you know if we happen to come up with a genius template.
All the best :thumbsup:

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We used a similar system for small to medium feature or marketing launches. Larger technical efforts with more complex dependencies (e.g. rolling out a new Android app) had exhaustive, team deliverable level Gantt charts, with rollout timelines and targets.
Sheets worked well for the most part. They were very simple, generally kept up to date, and easy to find or search for in emails or GDrive.

We also had regular emails to all stakeholders that linked to the sheet. Rarely had to ask someone for information that wasn’t in an email or checklist.
Anecdotally - I’ve since used Slack + Notion + other tools with limited email use and I spend more time search for information vs. email + group aliases + Google docs workflows.

That’s fascinating. Detailed Gantt charts for a new android app feels very. Un-agile? Do you think so to? What was it like working that way? Feels like adding a lot of certainty to the plan that maybe doesn’t exist IRL? [sorry for the detour]

Detailed was the wrong term - more detailed than our smaller feature rollouts, but not task specific or anything like that. It felt appropriate for the scale. With hundreds of employees involved, being able to quickly see your dependencies and their status was extremely helpful.