Can you please suggest a good Product Management course

I am looking for a good online self-paced course in product management. I have a varied experience in product management, product marketing and software development. But never took like a designed product management course. Coursera has few good options which I explored and also interested in. Self-paced online once suit me best. Do share your suggestions.


I don’t think you should go for expensive courses. I took this course called ‘Become a product manager - Learn the skills and get the job’ by Cole Mercer and Evan Kimbrell. It’s on Udemy and i got the course for 5$ USD. I think the price varies from country to country and its pretty less for me cause I’m from India.

The course is good and very informative especially if you don’t know anything about product management prior to it. The way they explain things are also pretty good. So go for it if it’s reasonably priced.

You can also check out this YouTube channel called Exponent. They get reported product managers on the channel and give them scenarios to deal with. Their thought process is highlighted in that pretty well and it’s worth checking out.


It’s also on LinkedIn Learning if you have access to that through work – Becoming a Product Manager: A Complete Guide Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

I send this exact course to new hires on my team, who usually come from backgrounds other than product.


What are you trying to learn?


Leading product development from business perspective.


Oh I see then I remember stratechery and product toolkit being useful for that.


Do you have any resources that explains prioritizing features list based off problem space and value proposition ?


Quite some time back I had created a post related to the same topic, in which I had added a detailed list of courses and related resources. You might want to take a look at it here.

Some of the listings are as given below:

What is a Product Manager? Roles and Responsibilities

Behind Every Great Product - Marty Cagan

Four Key Product Principles from WeChat’s Creator

Develop Your Empathy and Create Better Products

Ryan Hoover on How to Develop Products People Love

You may go through the complete post and find a huge list to select from.
I hope it helps some of the aspiring PMs.


Haven’t taken it but heard good things about GA boot camp for PM!

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Wow! @Carlos, That was a real effort. Thank you so much for the pain you’ve taken to post the huge list, and thanks to all those who have posted on @Carlos’ thread. Was a great help. Thank you @Karan, @Natasha and @Ahmad for taking the time to respond.

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