Building Marketing Automation Tools

Hello all,
I have Two questions:

  1. What are best practices on building marketing automation tools zero to one? Bonus points for mobile app-centric companies.
  2. What brands do marketing automation best - in email and/or push notifications?

When you say building the tool, do you mean writing the code or implementing a tool?

BurgerKing do some really smart mobile automation with Amplitude + Radar + Braze around user behaviour and geo triggers.


Good question @Rohit - asking more about high-level implementation/strategy. Jw if anyone has learnings from building and integrating a tool like braze/iterable into their tech stack and customer journey.

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@Carolyn, you might find useful. You can join the Slack channel there for free and there are ~2k marketing ops people in that community who love to talk about this stuff and have tons of firsthand experience.

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Awesome! Thank you so much @Ana passing that on to our marketing team too

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