Best way to analyze data with SQL or BI tools

For an early-stage startup that’s utilizing Amazon DyanmoDB as the most important product database and Segment+Amplitude for tracking events, several folks have recommendations for the best esp fastest way to have the capability to analyze the product databases by means of SQL queries and/or a BI tool?


You will need to connect an additional database for storing structured data. RedShift is a common affordable DB. After loading data into RedShift you will be able to connect any BI or run SQL on your own. It is not advisableto do it via S3 (although yes, it is easy to extract and query using Athena as a short-term quick solution). You will have more data every day and have to think about a proper arch and data storing now and start setting the foundation for it. I’d recommend setting RDBS like RedShift or Postgres.


Pursue the redshift route redshift can easily be plugged into a number of BI tools or queried without any BI tools.


Avoid S3 w/ files and Athena; set up a proper data warehouse sooner and save yourself headaches. For small data, my bias would be towards Postgres as it is cheap and easy, versus Redshift which is less trivial.

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You can extract dynamoDB to s3 easily and use aws athena over the files.

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