Best approach to hire designers?

We are trying all the traditional channels but it is helpful to hear of any hidden gems?

For context, we are looking for a product designer with 2-4+ yrs of experience in shipping android products. The portfolio should be modern but functional. We’ve been looking for 3 months and I’m surprised by how few leads there are, even with a recruiter in place.

The market seems to be tight. We have since done a significant increase in comp for designers who have less than 4 years experience. Having said that, the number of designers who actually have experience shipping products is very low.

What else could I look at?

Hey Rob - I hope you found some luck. If not, here are an some general comments with the same struggle I’ve experience:

  • If you want quality applications, I think you need to avoid Indeed posts. This is a turn off for designers (at least the handful that I’ve talked to). The application process through the site is not user friendly and limiting when it comes to a designers ability to apply creatively (ex. Uploading Custom styled resumes). If anything I would just direct to your .com, where we have a PDF uploader.

  • I would consider exploring alternative options: there are some really strong UX/UI Design Consultant agencies floating around. Might be more effective to have a team of 2-3 designers from a consultancy to come in a get you off the ground for a few months and then set the foundation for your in-house designers. I don’t know the cost of things like this so that might be a factor.

So I recommend opening up the application into a few different channels. No Particular order, I think they are all good options. Just depends what you’re looking for:


  • I would recommend post it as an actual job on LinkedIn so it shows up in the Jobs tab. Also I would avoid the ‘Easy Apply’ feature – you’ll only a surge of applications rather than quality.


This is a paid job board (~250 per post I think), but a lot of good UI designers will look here. Its less UX and more UI focused. nd with it being a Paid job Board, designers know that anything here is legit and quality.


  • Cost: $295 Per Post

This is job board targeted at more experienced designers. The posting will get shared with members of the organization and be promoted on their social media accounts.


  • Cost: Free

This is targeted towards people in the tech world looking to make an impact in the startup world. I think it would be a good place to get someone that is looking for a challenge.

This will also give you an idea of a pay range for what some of the bigger companies are offering.

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I have been struggling with finding designers myself. I tried the freelancer route and it seems like the best ones always have projects to work on, and it is hard to book them.

Your list is very good and I agree Dribbble has a lot of designers but $250 for a job posting is a lot IMO. I would rather pay them if I hire somebody but not before that.

I have also used Upwork, Behance, and just reached out to my network. I am in the process of interviewing candidates and some of them are really good, especially from Behance.

The market is indeed tight! Thanks for sharing.

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