Balancing marketplace growth

What are good examples of marketplaces that invest (time, money, knowledge, etc.) into the supply side, to help improve the experience for the demand side?


I’d be interested to hear more about this too, been thinking about this a lot lately


My naive take: Any successful marketplace would have to help supply grow meaningfully to treat them as a partner in growth.The ecommerce marketplace I am working at invested effort in setting up field force which help them list their catalog, product and analytics was built to help them grow by helping the buyers.

  • There would be attributes/behaviour of supply which would reflect in a good experience for demand. Few eg.

  • Driver Cancellations @ Uber

  • Guest Welcome Experience @AirBnB

You would want to help supply understand by doing these behaviours, they would get more “rep” on marketplace and more business as well.


May be Airbnb because one the key insight to their success was to invest in professional picture to make their supply more attractive (How professional photos helped to make Airbnb a success! - AJ Harrington | Website and Product Photographer, Mandurah). At eBay it was very category specific. I think the best example was eBay motor. Feel free to DM


Plenty of examples in B2B.One example:
Couple of used car marketplaces are doing analysis of the cars (damage reports) to help supply demand making better purchasing decisions in a market that is know for people ripping off each other.


Etsy is a good example too. They have a ton of tips for their suppliers, organized crafts shows early on for them, showed them which types of pictures of products tend to perform better (and everyone started copying it), are helping them with ads outside of Etsy (for a fee).


I’m at OpenTable. We invest enormously in tools for restaurants to help run their operations which result in a better marketplace for diners. Most of our sales/support team comes from the industry, and has a lot of on-the-ground experience too, which they offer to restaurants. We run a lot of industry events/webinars to boot.

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I run a marketplace for DS and ML teams to get the data they need to train and evaluate their models. We spend a ton of time investing in supply quality since ultimately what people are paying for is high quality data, fast. Most of the product work we’ve done (and are doing) is focused on managing supply quality, training and improving supply quality, etc.

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