Anyone has experience posting on Product Hunt?

Anyone has experience posting on Product Hunt? Do you know if the hunter we pick matters in terms of getting more eyes and upvotes?


It makes a big difference depending on how many followers they have.


We have a developer with 7K followers, and an investor with 30K followers. The former feels more genuine but the latter has more followers.


Check which gets most engagement. Many followers can be just passive.

Whether it’s the investor or the developer it won’t matter much unless if you are selling to engineers


Depends as well from your target audience? 7k of the right audience are better than 30k of the wrong audience. Anyway, I wouldn’t expect/rely too much upvotes/traffic coming from the hunter. Key is to get many upvotes in the beginning to stay relevant and visible at the top of the products of the day and that’s mostly activating your community, etc. A common misconception is that you are not allowed to ask your users to upvote or share direct links but that’s a myth.

Linking to “ ”. Link directly to your product page. Linking to “” only makes it harder for people to find you and doesn’t have any effect on the algorithm at all. It seems to be “common knowledge” that you’re punished for linking directly to your product page — it’s simply not true. Focus on communicating what your product does. P.S. Linking to is one of the clearest indications you may be “over-optimizing” your launch (gaming the system).


@Nathan, Yeah we are a developer tool and the former has more relevant audience. Thanks!


It makes a difference if the hunter shares your launch and interacts with people on social networks.

Otherwise, it doesn’t at all. You’ll be better off hunting yourself than spending days to find a well known hunter.


Think of this like influencer marketing, the best fit with influencer’s audience is what you want :slight_smile:


The follower base on PH - makes a very little difference - We’ve tried both many times. More important is their engagement on social media. More engaged hunter with less followers >>> Not engaged hunter with mass following base.

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Thank you, all! We picked the person with only 7K followers and we made it to 800 upvotes and were product of the day.

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