Anyone can share a good Strategy for Developing and Launching some new software feature in our existing platform?

Hi everyone, we are providing Software Services to end users, can anyone share if you have a good template for developing and launching new software features ?

Fyi, we already have the existing software with customer base, it’s just that I need to add more features into my current software, and planning to release it to the Users. Hope if anyone can share more. Thanks in advance


Are you referring to a release plan, maybe? Or GTM plan? A strategy can’t be captured in a template; every business and product has different things to consider and it requires some market and user research.


I need the plan which combines the two of them (Release & GTM). I actually am searching for a beautiful and colorful template, which allows me to modify and fill in my scenarios.
I mean I already have a product (SAAS), we are adding in some new features.
I’m looking for some sort of Template for Product Management strategy.
I need a colorful template so that I can modify to my situation.
I hope you get it.


There is no template. This is the whole of what product management. I cannot summarize in a PowerPoint template the contents of dozens of books on how to do product management. Product Management is not just about releasing features. I think you should take a look at the book “Inspired” by Marty Cagan. Might help you answer some of these questions, which by the way are all different (releases, features and strategy)


Sounds to me like someone is heading into the feature trap.

My advice: Go talk to your customers and see what their problems are. Only then start to think about solutions (which might or might not be additional features).

If you are a PM you definitely need to up your game as your questions shows the need for it.


I agree with many here that your actual strategy is going to be far more nuanced than any simple answer someone can give you here, but if you’re looking for “colorful templates” try Miro. They have things like GTM templates, maybe this is more along the lines of what you’re looking for, but I don’t think you’ll find “strategy templates” as you can’t really boil down strategy into a template.

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Thanks for the suggestion, looks cool.