Any tools out there for managing product artifacts?

I’ve talked to a couple of people, most seem to use things like confluence and jira to build their roadmaps and store stuff like user interviews, idea analysis and product definition. these systems don’t manage changes well, opposed to something like .git that tracks changes to documents and has a formal way of pushing revisions and getting approvals.

But I was wondering if anyone has any tools to manage your product artifacts over time? is this something others also struggle to manage?




Hey - before remote/covid it probably would have been a stack of physical Value Proposition canvases on A3?

Speak to designers about how they manage version changes on Figma etc.

Depends on what you need. Aha is pretty cool. A wiki works fine. Really the key is stay organized and use your artifacts and collaborate.

I think saving the documentation in Google Drive will help you with this version control thing.

Simple solutions can indeed go a long way.

I try to keep my PM tech stack very minimal so that I can focus on stakeholder management and customers.

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