Any recommendations for a product analytics tool?

Hello people, I am ready to test my product to a test group. I was looking for some product analytics tools, but the prices were high.

Do you guys have any recommendations? We have budget constraints.

Thanks in advance.


You can get away with using Amplitude for free for a long while (I’ve just hit my 4-year mark).


@MarcoSilva, what are the limitations with the free plan?


@CarolynMiles, the number of events that you can track for one.

We also have used Mixpanel, Mode, Redash. I use Mode and Amplitude simultaneously. Amplitude for specific product feature usage and mode for user activity, retention, churn, etc.


Why didn’t you like MixPanel? were you looking for free?


@MaroaWilson, I am comparing the prices according to my needs. If I get a deal on a lower price, I might go with that. But what’s the point of purchasing something if free can work well.


Wasn’t responding to you. Was asking @MarcoSilva who used MixPanel, but chose to use Amplitude.


10 million events per month is the primary limitation. You also don’t get all of the advanced analytics/collaboration features, but they’re probably not too important early on. If you get traction and start needing more volume, you can also check out the scholarship program: Startups - Amplitude


Redash is open source -


@NathanEndicott. For me that will be on an expensive side. But thanks so much :pray:


By open source i mean if you have developers you can configure and use it for free Redash · GitHub


@NathanEndicott, Really? I will talk to my tech guy. Thank you so much for your help


It’s pretty cheap and you get all the data, which is helpful for long term reporting. Check it out. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much, lemme check it out


I used to be a MixPanel buff but switched to Heap and I think it’s the best option.

IMO, the main requirements should be:

  1. Mixpanel used to offer it but not anymore. I’m not that familiar with Amplitude, but I think they also don’t offer this ability. Without it, for every new event you have to wait for dev, and then wait a few weeks to get results. Impossible to get anywhere like that.
  2. Auto-track that gives you retroactive data, so you can set an event and right away see the results.

Mixpanel used to offer it but not anymore. I’m not that familiar with Amplitude, but I think they also don’t offer this ability. Without it, for every new even you have to wait for dev, and then wait a a few weeks to get results. Impossible to get anywhere like that.


@MichaelYoffe, how have you found the event visualizer in Heap, can you easily set up events? Was thinking about integrating it into our product, but I was worried the visualizer wouldn’t work as well as advertised.


Works really well in most cases. For advanced event you might need to dive into some CSS selectors, (like if you want to track attributes, for example not only who clicked on a search field, but what the typed as well…).

But all in all, works as advertised, at least for me :slight_smile:


Is the test group internal or external facing and how many customers do you planning to have them be part of the group?

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A powerful OPENSOURCE alternative which might be worth looking at.

Disclaimer: I am one of the co-founder of open-source BI product Helical Insight. Our product prices are more than 75-85% lesser than other open source and proprietary BI products. Also we come at a fixed cost (irrepsective of number of users, reports, dashboards, sessions, data size, sso, white labelling etc etc). A flat transparent honest pricing. We also offer a free version also.

Below some of the key features which we have are

Datasource layer

DataSource: Support of variousdb including RDBMS, Columnar DB, Flat files, NoSQL db like MySQL MariaDB Postgrss SQLserver PrestoDB Vertica DynamoDB Mongo etc

Support of various kind of flat files.

Ability to upload custom JDBC drivers

User Role Management,

Embedding and SSO : Embedding options like iframe, webservices, object tag, embed tag etc - Single Sign On support with options like CAS, LDAP, AD, ADFS, JWT, oAuth etc

User role management: Providing 4 layers of security like organization, role, user and profiles

Multi-tenant application

Row level data security based on the user, role, org, profile etc thus ensuring people see only their own data

Reporting and Analytics

Self service drag drop interface allowing a no code platform

Dashboard designer module with drag drop interface to create dashboard

Support of more than 30+ visualization options and map

Create map based analytics, infographs, reports etc with filters, drill down, drill through etc - Canned report allowing multipager document kind of reports like invoice, salary slip, bank statement etc

Various kind of exporting options like pdf jpeg png excel csv etc. An ability to specify exporting config with specific config (like paper size, width, header, footer, custom code on export etc)

Email scheduling capabilities


Caching and pagination for better performance

HA and LB support


– API support for each and every frontend function, thus allowing to automate things and build custom UI also.

– Open source code

– Support of workflow

– Placeholders to allow injecting of your own custom HTML, CSS, SQL, Groovy code etc

– Ability to add your own chart, your own chart customization, your own DBfunction, your own aggregate function

Infrastructure and Stack

Cloud support

Completely browser-based support

Built on Java and frontend react

Completely responsive and can be accessed from any device any screen size


Community version completely free

Various flexible pricing options

Subscription license option without distribution

Subscription license option with distribution

Perpetual license option without distribution

Perpetual license option with distribution Support

Roadmap Includes

in-memory support

UI driven workflow engine with data pipeline capabilities

ML and NLP integration, thus allowing Google search like interface to create reports

Continuous UX revamp and much more

Premium prompt support. Even you can get the ability of custom services from Helical Insight team directly at very affordable costs. There are other features also exporting, email scheduling, white labeling etc.