Any mobile app PO-s or CPO-s here?

Hello All,

What kind of analytics (solutions) you are using and what kind of metrics you are looking at while developing/marketing your apps? Are any of you using any kind of location analytics?


Amplitude - general. Metrics for mobile aren’t much different than on other platforms, except that I also looked at OS type in order to define when it’s safe to stop supporting older versions + popular devices, so that we know which to choose for testing.

For technical metrics - Firebase. Crash rates, popular errors, etc.


Was using Firebase+Google analytics for usability data, along with tracking marketing related campaigns and other activities.

Wanted to move to amplitude though, as the analysis capabilities of GA were a bit limited for apps I found, but this was a couple of years ago.

Edit: Firebase was used for errors and crashes, not crashlytics, as the second became the former, as pointed out by another redditor


I always look at the usage of the people opening the app and what their doing. I also compare the performance of my app to the webapp. If my app is performing worse than the webapp then I take that into consideration when building my road map


I used Mixpanel and Firebase analytics. I used countries and provinces or states against device manufacturer and model. It helped me refine the app size and implement solutions for countries or areas with poor internet connectivity. And it also helped me prioritize by device OS per country. The UX was also impacted by this info. Specially when you look into age, gender, and other demographics.

Other metrics I used were basic crash, errors , unique users and uninstalls. The rest where event specific by page or even time spent on particular pages like profile info, onboarding, payment info, purchase funnels, search keywords, etc


Most of the required metrics for our mobile app gets tracked and recorded on our own database and we maintain dashboards and reports for regular monitoring. Wrt third party solutions - we use Firebase for crash and error analytics. Anodot for real time monitoring.

For marketing, the Google and apple store dashboards help a lot as well as the ad networks you are using. I also use app Annie to help understand the competitors and help with ASO

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Thank you all for taking time to post your replies. Appreciated.

We use Google Analytics for basic in-app tracking of screen views, device details, and user demographics (others appear to be using Amplitude or MixPanel, both of which I have used in the past). For crash and error tracking we also use Firebase.

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