Advice on SaaS product outbound strategy to acquire new customers

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We are a AI based chatbot that engages inbound visitors to help them understand product if the software fits their requirements before talking to the sales rep. So customer doesn’t have to worry about engaging sales rep early in cycle and sales rep gets only interested leads. We are different from current chatbots that are horizontal and we are vertical focusing only on SaaS vertical. We are selling to small to medium mar-tech and sales-tech SaaS companies in the US.

Does the community know of effective outbound strategies to acquire new customers for a SaaS product ?

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Sounds a lot like the challenge Drift has worked on - their growth person Guillaume Cabane has put out a good amount of content on this and some of their tactics for top of funnel and prospecting I would look into tools like Clearbit and BuiltWith to identify who is using similar libraries and tools on their website that correlate with needing a chatbot or might have just started trying out a competitor.

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@donovanokang co-incidentally, we have been using using clearbit and builtwidth to get a list of prospects from past week.

Are there any standard metrics for outbound open rates and close rates? that would be helpful to benchmark.

No joke, we got our open rates up to north of 20% at Patreon. But our value prop was super strong.

I would say, you can always continue to increase it. And I’d model out what it needs to be in order for it to be a meaningful channel. Then think about how feasible it is to get there and the timeframe required.

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