A community support system for building projects


I really like the idea of building projects but I am also wondering if there is a support system for non-technical professionals to build things?

I see you have different types of projects but many people who want to break into product management don’t have a technical background. How do you see them building live interactive products?

I can always do analysis and may do the design but I am not sure about building at this stage.


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@marcosilva That’s a great question. We encourage our members to use no-code/ low-code tools to build products. The tools out there are really amazing and people can get started by building things on their own.

Overall, we see this as a two level problem -

  1. Level 1 focus on functional skills - professionals learn the basics of technology, design, marketing and product. As PMs work with cross functional teams, it is always advisable to understand the basics of other functions. The self-building stage with no-code/ low-code tools is for professionals to gain that expertise and also build things that they are passionate about.

  2. Level 2 focus on collaboration skills – A huge part of PMing is about collaboration and influence. This level is about bringing engineers, designers, marketers together to build things and ship products. The goal here is to create a team based learning environment where users learn from one another and rate each others work to build their portfolio.

We are focused on delivering on level 1 at this stage and will be moving to level 2 in the future.

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