Tips for Newly hired Junior PM

Someone Just got hired as a Junior PM at a startup and wants to put best efforts to make it work. He worked previously in an irrelevant industry as a junior PM briefly . Got this one both thanks to previous experience but also a lot of self study. Do you have any tips for a new Junior PM to start on the right foot in a small startup?


Build a customer pipeline for conversation and data gathering. Depending on how far along the startup is their customer research is probably not built out in any reasonable capacity simply because the startup runs on the founders vision. But as the product grows beyond the first narrow customer base, you need to recognize the other segments and decide if the company wants to go after them. By highlighting this when appropriate you can bring perspective as a PM.


Can’t express this one enough: pick up the shit that nobody else wants to do. Be proactive about it, don’t wait for things to be handed to you. Literally the most simple way to make a name for yourself


Main role of a PM in a startup is to focus the team on what will actually move the needle for the company. Talk to customers, a lot, otherwise you will have no clue what will move the needle, and, instead, you will be a glorified spokesperson for the founders.

I’d like to add more detail on what “move the needle means”.

You need to work with the execs and team to validate your market assumptions and your value proposition.

You need to build a friendly customer base of early evangelists to get feedback.

I’d suggest starting with a fake door and try to get customers if you can.

Use clickable wireframes to validate the lean product pyramid in single feature slices.



I was in the same position, it’s not going to be easy. Here’s the biggest key to this situation: Not a single soul in your organization or single customer has the answer. Your job is to collect as much information as possible from as many places as possible to make the best guess. Your job is to be clear with your stakeholders about the guesses you’re making, and why you’re making them. Keep this mindset and work hard to guess the best, and pivot fast when you’re wrong - and you’ll do great.

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Congrats on landing your PM role! The article below really helped me out when I first got started in Product Management, lots of great nuggets: