Red flag in a potential PM hire

@NaomiNwosu, It really depends on their Product Experience. The red flag that we have is if they are not familiar with Agile and Scrum methodologies and some type of storytelling software like JIRA. Since most of our teams use them, it would take less training.


Hmm I’ve always wondered why this is a red flag for some, would love to learn your perspective here. Aren’t softwares like Jira/ZenHub pretty easy to learn?

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@RohitKumar, I guess it’s a bit of a shorthand for “how invested is the person in an agile/responsive workstyle”. In my experience it’s unlikely that people who never came across Jira or who never followed Scrum methodologies have a mindset of adaptive and iterative change. You can learn the tools easily, but learning the mindset takes time.