PM with 2 years experience, want to get into my dream company: Microsoft, or Google. How?

Hi Nathan, Thanks for ever being willing to help.
I replied to this since via email but didn’t know it wasn’t reflected here.

below is my Cv attached.


Good points in resume

  • Length of the resume is perfect.
  • There are no unnecessary sections like there are no reference section, no section for objectives found.

Points for improvement

  • Use synonyms for words instead of repeating it … (4 times word used “Led”)
  • Count of bullet points can be decreased.
  • The length of bullet points can be reduced.
  • Lengthy superfluous words can be replaced by smaller effective synonyms. (Filler Words )
  • Minimum or no use of BUZZ WORDS & Cliches in resume which are RED FLAGGED by employers
  • Avoid phrases such as critical thinking, natural leader, punctual, dynamic. They add fluff to your resume and are vague to communicate any actual values.
  • Avoid the use of responsibility oriented words. A resume must focus on ACCOMPLISHMENTS than on RESPONSIBILITIES.
  • The use of Summary section can be optional. It should be short (2-6 lines) and should contain the information which is not mentioned in any other sections. (remove the points which are repeated)
  • You can reduce the bullet points in skills by removing basic skills such as Excel, Written communication, Multi-Tasking ability, Point of Sales operation, Point of Knowledge, Telephonic etiquettes.

Thank you for this awesome review @Nathanendicott . I will get to work immediately on them.

However, I will really appreciate it if you can point me to those buzz words and cliches in the resume while I work on the others. :pray: