PM for a year now, still not satisfied

I don’t see how you could have more than brushed against the strategic aspects of PM after only a year.

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@Nathan, I’m probably naïve with just 1 year, haha but I never made the claim that I have a strong hold of all strategic aspects of PM? I’m still developing them and will continue to do so, irrespective of whether I change jobs.

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@Yuri, My comment was more in regards to you not finding your current role challenging.

I think 1 year smooth sailing could just be luck / circumstance, and that some of the challenging aspects of Product Management exist over a longer time frame, or can take time to pop up for a product. PM is not an entry level job, and that kind of experience is one of the reasons why you see YoE requirements on PM roles.

Promoted at 1 year is pretty fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever worked at a company (in my professional career at least) that did promotions at 1 year after hire.