Leadership work ethic and how it impacts our culture

I disagree. I think contributing value to society, whether its work or otherwise is the only valuable thing one can do, and should be the top priority in life.

You and others are mistaking ‘importance’ for ‘overwork.’ Eating and drinking is the most important thing to our survival, but we can overindulge to the point of unhealthiness. It doesn’t make it any less critical.

Overworking is bad, but working efficiently to contribute value is good. This is a bit like asking, ‘What good was leading the civil rights movement if MLK died before it was over and never got to enjoy it?’

What’s the old quote? Wise men plant seeds for trees they never sit under or something like that? That’s what we’re all doing. Working at a job is creating value for others we may never get to enjoy ourselves, and often that value is abstract or aggregated. When that value is multiplied by millions of business the ‘rising tied’ lifts all boats and the whole world improves.

I think people should relax and enjoy life to the point it allows them to be productive in contributing back to society. Someone relaxing on the beach all day without contributing anything back is useless.


That’s a tough one. You can’t fault leadership for being dedicated and working hard. You can’t condemn them for praising other that do the same.

I think the question is what constitutes a “necessary” workload? When my team has a release, we have to do them on a Friday night when our software is not being used and have the weekend to address any issues. That’s just part of the job. Tell us more about the situation?


I totally understand cases where it’s necessary to work after hours and during weekends. I did it before when our production env broke down at night, and one time when we had to release a compliance feature that was on a weekend.

This one though is coming from so much workload and procrastination. An important project needs to be done but the time given to accomplish it is a fraction of the time that’s needed. Why was it communicated late? Because there’s a million other things going on. Again, procrastination. Also 1PM = 3-4 scrum team ratio.

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It’s a very normal thing but the healthiest organizations that I’ve known of also support a pretty liberal leave policy in conjunction with this

If I’m gonna be putting in 60 to 80 hour work weeks I want to be able to take six months off pt down to say 20 to 30 hrs a week.

So then see if I get burned out or I need a sabbatical or maybe I’m going to have a couple of kids, i’ve only been able to find three companies that do this and it was pretty impressive how the retention of employees was crazy high quality of the team was just awesome

The people who are just in the industry for the money quickly were exposed as they seemed to be the ones doing the most self promoting drama queens and didn’t have the extraordinary depth or specialization. By and large these are the most arrogant people out there and they are unpleasant to be around.

Versus the ones who really were in it for the craft because all of their work was constantly promoted by they were given more work and more responsibility. These people could tell a joke about and the guy who actually discovered the sonic hedgehog gene in expression therapy. Or with some lady who could tell you a joke about do you know how how a monkey and a bio chemist is the same as a semi truck and have the whole office laughing.

The hardest part about being this is that it always feels like finals week because it’s this insane pressure.

It was this unique mix of width and depth of skill but also kind of a no assholes Policy just seemed obvious and the executive staff and the whole company just seem to have a great five and there was no little bickering bullshit office politics.

If your leader ship doesn’t currently offer it I would start slowly and steadily consistently bring that up that when they complain about the cost of retention and hiring this is a big one.