How to create a PM org and hire PMs

Hi everyone,

So the organization I work at is growing rapidly and I have been tasked with recruiting additional PMs and initiate a proper training program for them. The Question is, how?

First, I want experienced PMs to guide me what would actually be the right term, since we already have a Program Management Office and a Product Management Office would only serve to add confusion.

Secondly, I want any PM to guide me on what to look for in ideal candidates for the role. I have full autonomy to hire people and allocate budgets.

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You should focus more on doing what is right for the organization. Don’t just hire people who are less experienced than you - that’s how to fail. You’re trying to build something. Your success is dependent on you hiring smart people. A good manager hires people who have skills that they do not have. A bad manager tries to be the best at everything by hiring the worst.

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