How do you manage follow ups?

You send out an email asking for others to complete tasks. Do you have a quick way to set an automatic reminder to yourself and/or to the person completing the task?


Any time someone is in a convo where he/she would assign a deliverable, one has to spend a moment with that person abstracting that deliverable into a measurable outcome vs a binary task done/not done and then have that person send a call invite to demonstrate the measured outcome.

Any time one can wrap multiple tasks into a measurable outcome, or abstract away the details of what the specific task is, one has try to do that. Two reasons. One it’s less for him/her to keep track of. Two, he/she can preserve their agency as much as possible. They get to decide how to accomplish the outcome and evolve the strategy along the way. Which results in way less success theater and way more buy-in from them.


Could you give a high level example?


Here is an example :

“PdM signing off on landing page design” turns into “pick a spot on the calendar in two weeks to show early conversion data from the landing page”.

There cannot be conversion data if the site doesn’t launch. Which means they not only signed off on it, but they made sure it went live, which means the sign-off wasn’t wasted value.

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You can use OneNote (for work) and sticky notes or notion for stuff at home.

You can plan week-long activities every Monday. All you need to do is just copy / paste to-dos and that’s how you can start your day (looking at the todos) before scrolling to the bottom.

You can also make a routine to look at Outlook (emails/calendar), slack/teams messages, and then look at your notes. It takes about only 30 mins.

Also towards the work end you can look at calendar and todo for the next day. It takes about 15 mins.

This has been my system for around 8 years. I do a week long plan based on Outlook meetings. I have sections at the top for weekly focus and action items. At the end of the week I copy the plan and update it for the next week. So unfinished action items carry forward. All my meeting notes are in OneNote too. In my weekly plans I collect useful links to things like jiras, confluence pages, etc. It’s like a journal as well. I know what I did on a given day years ago.

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